About Us

Tri Parish Bank was chartered in 1944 and had operated continuously in the Tri-Parish area since its inception, until it expanded its' operations into the Lafayette market in 2004.

Historically, the bank's primary mission has been to serve the banking needs of Eunice and the surrounding area. Throughout the years, our bank became the market leader for Eunice and the surrounding areas, built on the experience and knowledge of our staff, active community participation, and financial stability.

The main office building situated at 301 West Laurel Ave is the third Main Office in the bank's history. The bank began operations in 1944 in a wood-frame structure on Second Street in Downtown Eunice. It then moved into a two-story building located on the corner of 2nd Street and Park Ave and operated out of that building until 1971. When Tri Parish Bank vacated the facility on 2nd Street, we donated the building to The City of Eunice for use as a public library. The building is still in use as Eunice's Public Library. In 1971, the bank built a modern building that served its needs until 1981. In 1981, a substantial addition to the main office facility was completed.

In 2004, Tri Parish Bank began its foray into Lafayette Parish by establishing an LPO in Downtown Lafayette on Jefferson Street. On October 12, 2006, we officially closed our Jefferson Street LPO location and October 13, 2006, we officially opened our South College facility. In 2014, Tri Parish Bank once again began looking at expanding our footprint into the community of Broussard. We purchased property on the corner of Albertson Parkway and South Morgan for future use as our Broussard Branch.

The mission of Tri Parish Bank is to provide quality products and services that help our customers and communities prosper while maximizing shareholder return. Our core values focus on Quality, Loyal, Commitment, Value, and Teamwork; at every reflection point we ask ourselves will the outcome accomplish our core values if the answer is yes then we know we are holding true to our beliefs.

Tri Parish Bank is your bank for business!